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Ferrite Impeder Rods

Ferrite Impeder Rods

In HIGH FREQUENCY TUBE WELDING PROCESS, mild steel strip of specific width is passed through several sets of steel rolls. The steel strip is conver ted into an open seam tubular shape. At this stage, the
tubular shape is passed through a
high frequency induction coil. The coil works as a primary and the open
seam tube acts as one turn secondary. The induced current density is highest at the edges and results into rapid heating of these edges. The subsequent pressure rolls press the open red hot seams together to form a butt weld joint. Ferrite rods kept inside the tube aid the process of welding by improving its efficiency

The Impeder is constructed of Ferrite material and is an essential accessory for use in high frequency welding of tubes and pipes. Mahindra Hinoday has developed a rugged per formance ferrite core material designated HR4B / HR4. This material best meets the demanding requirements of high frequency welding. The Impeder lowers the reluctance of the magnetic path, thereby saving energy and improving overall process efficiency. HR4B / HR4 cores provide an ideal magnetic path even at high temperatures. High saturation flux combined with high resistance reducing eddy current losses improves mill efficiency. It's high density construction adds the mechanical strength for long life in the severe operating environment in a steel tube mill.

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